ZeekWeek 2024 – Call for Presentations

ZeekWeek 2024 will be held on August 13th and 14th at the Caltech Ramo Auditorium located in Pasadena, California. Additionally there will be a Zeek training event on August 15th. ZeekWeek will be an in-person event. Presentations will be recorded and published after the event.

ZeekWeek is the annual gathering of defenders, developers, incident responders, threat hunters, and security architects who rely on Zeek, a powerful and popular open source network security monitor.

Share Your Knowledge

Do you want to influence the direction of the Zeek project, and help shape the future of open source network security? Are you a threat hunter or incident responder who uses Zeek as part of a security stack? Do you have a story that highlights how Zeek helped resolve an issue? Have you developed Zeek scripts or plugins that might be useful to others?

Join us in Pasadena, California and share learnings, best practice, challenges, or tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter where you get your Zeek – open source or through a vendor.

In an effort to drive broader participation, our format has evolved to prioritise shorter, more focused talks, many of them scheduled for 20 minutes. In the talk sessions, we’d love to hear your perspective on these and other topics:

  • Zeek as a tool for solving a wide variety of problems
  • Interesting user stories, solutions, or research projects
  • Post-mortem analysis of a security incident, emphasizing Zeek’s contribution
  • Value that Zeek brings to your professional work or professional development
  • Using Zeek for more than network security

Please note that we are seeking community talks only. Absolutely no product presentations, product marketing, or product placements are allowed!

How to submit a talk

To submit a talk, please fill out the submission form with the following information:

  • Title of your talk
  • Extended abstract that includes all information you would like the reviewers to consider
  • Short abstract that will be used on the website to describe your talk should it be accepted
  • Author(s) name and email address(es)
  • Bio(s) of those who will be giving the talk
  • Confirmation that you are able to travel to Pasadena, California.

Reminder : Do not submit product presentations. These will be rejected without being reviewed.

Important Dates

Abstracts for talk submissions must be submitted by June 14th. Final notifications will be sent by July 1st.

Please note that talks will be reviewed in several rounds before the final submission deadline. Earlier submissions have a higher chance of acceptance. You will be notified as soon as a decision has been made on your talk.

If you have any questions, please email events@zeek.org. Or reply to this thread :slight_smile: