A few problems starting Bro

1. I specified --prefix=/opt/bro/work while compiling Bro and also during cluster installation. But 'cluster start' command was looking for cluster.cfg & node.cfg files in /usr/local/etc. Is there a way to change the path now?

2. For the timebeing I copied these two files to /usr/local/etc and started Bro.

starting bro ...
1 0
bro terminated immediately after starting; check output with "diag" - this returns the following.
==== stderr.log
/usr/local/policy/1.4-robin/cluster/cluster.bro, line 68: error: can't open cluster-layout

I don't find cluster-layout in /usr/local dir or in the /opt/bro/... which I actually specified for installation.

I quite diligently followed all the steps mentioned in 'README.hml#Standalone'.
Any suggestion to fix this or reference to documentation that talks about initial setup in more detail will be very helpful.

P.S:Is there a Bro-beginner's forum :))) ?

You should be able to just reconfigure in aux/cluster with the right
prefix and do another "make install" there.