A plead for help on a chapter re: Snort and Bro

Bro Usergroup,

I’m in the midst of finishing up a book for Addison Wesley revolving around current Intrusion Detection avenues. One of the chapters was submitted by a Technical Contributor who works closely with Snort (i.e. for Sourcefire). After speaking with Robin Sommers and Vern Paxson the author’s assessments of Bro are off and the chapter needs some TLC.

Unfortunately as my deadline (March 7) is drawing closer I’m having to focus my attention on other chapters. But being so close to the deadline I’m unable to cut the chapter altogether.

Is there any Bro enthusiasts that would consider lending a helping hand? You will be compensated for your time (as I understand time is money…), as well as be praised in the Acknowledgement section of the Preface!

Please contact me if your interested.