Want to contribute to a book?


I'm under contract with Addison-Wesley to write a book
on network security monitoring, and I've written over
400 pages so far. I would like to include
instructions on setting up Bro on FreeBSD, and general
best practices for this tool.

Would anyone be interested in contributing? I'll give
full credit in the text and acknowledgements.

I also plan to mention Snort and Prelude in the same
chapter. The focus is open source, so I avoid
commercial products.

This is not "another Snort book." I'm covering dozens
of tools to address many facets of network security
monitoring. Traditional "IDS" is only one chapter,
but I'd like to do justice to Bro.

I would need the material in the next two weeks to
make my deadlines.

Thank you,

Richard Bejtlich

Hi Richard,

just make sure you mention them alphabetically :wink: