ASK THE ZEEKSPERTS - Restructuring the Call

Hi all,

We know everyone’s time is valuable and we want everyone to get the most out of our online calls and webinars.

ASK THE ZEEKSPERTS is meant to be like Zeek Office Hours where you can get help with Zeek in real time.

Starting this month we are going to ask for questions in advance. This way we can group similar questions/topics, ensure we have the subject matter experts on the call, and promote what will be answered.

Whether you just learned about Zeek yesterday or have been using it for decades, if you have a question chances are someone else has the same question. Ask away!

Maybe you’re thinking I have questions, but not sure if this is the right place, do you have any questions related to any of the following?

  • Installing and Setting up Zeek
  • Getting the most out of the Zeek Logs
  • Understanding Zeek as a Language
  • Writing Scripts and plugins
  • Using Spicy to generate parsers for Zeek
  • Getting your Zeek Package into the Zeek Package Manager
  • Getting the most out of the current Zeek Documentation (Where do I find [topic]?)
  • Zeek and Sigma
  • Zeek Agent
  • Zeek and SIEMS
  • And anything else you can think of or need help with as it relates to Zeek

So send in those Zeek related questions and we’ll get it scheduled to be answered on one of the ASK THE ZEEKSPERTS Calls. We’ll let you know in advance what date and time it will be answered or if any followup information is needed. (so be sure to give us your name and email address)

You can send your questions to me, drop them in the #webinar channel on slack or add them to the following webform:

If we don’t get any questions for a particular week then we will cancel the “office hours” for that week. Ideally we’d like to get 8-10 questions for each ASK THE ZEEKSPERTS call.