BinPAC quickstart

HI all!

So, I had the pleasure of trying to do an analyzer lately and many thanks to Jon Schipp for his online tutorials on how to write an analyzer using BinPac ( and Vlad Grigorescu’s Binpac Quickstart ( which took care of the boilerplate coding.

Unfortunately, with Zeek’s new name, binpac_quickstart no longer creates the right file extensions and won’t let you compile your plugin if you used binpac_quickstart with your plugin.

I made the necessary changes to binpac_quickstart so that it works under the new name Zeek. I did submit some commits on Vlad’s binpac_quickstart but they haven’t been accepted yet.

For those who seeks a solution, here is my repo of binpac_quickstart which is forked from Vlad, with all the changes that will allow you to use it under the new name.

I just though I would share with the community since I though working with Binpac and Zeek was a very powerful combo, although kind of hard to find info since Binpac (HILTI/Spicy) is still in development. I wouldn’t want to see the integration of HILTI/Spicy slow down because of simple stuff like this.

Cheers and happy coding!


Hi Joey,

Thank you! My apologies for having your pull request sitting for so long; somehow GitHub did not notify me about it.

There were a couple of other pull requests sitting there, which I accepted. Unfortunately, your pull request did not apply cleanly anymore, but I made your changes to master.

I’m using this as an opportunity to give the project some much-needed TLC, so stay tuned for some further changes…