Errors while creating own analyzer plugin

Hi everyone, i`m trying to create my own zeek analyzer-plugin. At first I tried to build it by init-plugin script, but received compilation errors. Then i find binpac-quickstart guide. Currently im working with this guide, but receiving strange errors. Can you help me? Thanks a lot:)

/home/artem/Desktop/WORK/bincap/binpac_quickstart/ndpi_analyzer/src/ndpi_pac.h:43:23: error: expected ')' before '*' token
NDPI_Conn(BroAnalyzer * bro_analyzer);
           ~ ^~
/home/artem/Desktop/WORK/bincap/binpac_quickstart/ndpi_analyzer/src/ndpi_pac.h:49:2: error: ‘BroAnalyzer’ does not name a type; did you mean ‘FlowAnalyzer’?
  BroAnalyzer * bro_analyzer() const { return bro_analyzer_; }

I know that guys released new version of zeek, i tried to rename this names to Zeek, but it does not help.

It’s possible that the binpac-quickstart guide hasn’t been updated to handle all of the changes we’ve made to Zeek recently. For example, BroAnalyzer doesn’t exist in 4.0 anymore and was renamed to ZeekAnalzyer.

What errors did you get from init-plugin?