Bro 1.4 pre-release

We are just about ready to release Bro version 1.4. Prior to doing so,
wed like to have some folks volunteer to try out a pre-release to catch
any lingering problems. If you're interested in doing so, reply privately
to me *and Robin Sommer (cc'd)* and we'll point you at the distribution.


(Note, I'm out of the office for several weeks, with limited email access,
which is why you should be sure to include Robin.)

We have made another Bro 1.4 pre-release available at

Let us know if you encounter anything unexpected.

Since the earlier pre-release, some minor issues have been fixed
(mainly platform incompatibilities).



I the attachment you find some patches for Solaris.
It runs then on Solaris 8 + 10.

The first definition in any bro rule should be:
redef use_connection_compressor = F;

Patch description:
- patch-aux-nftools-nfcommin.h:
    include the main config.h for some u_int_(8|16|32)
    definitions who are not defined in Solaris.
- patch-src-ARP.h:
    without including net/if.h there are no compile errors
- patch-src-Conn.h:
    some changes (from Robin) to switch on compressor
- +
    include errno.h otherwise the compiler could not find
    the configure in libedit miss the termcap.h in the include path
    so it will be faked

After this patches it runs on Solaris 8 with the default rules or
to extract SSL certificates.

Best regards,

bro-1.4.prerelease.1.tar.gz (1.32 KB)

I got an error message when executing the pre-release with icmp.bro.

[pclin@roland bin]$ ./bro -r ~/http.trace icmp
../share/bro/conn.bro, line 332: error: unknown identifier Hot::check_hot, at or near "Hot::check_hot"

The export of the Hot::check_hot looks normal. Did I miss anything, or is it a bug?


Robin Sommer mentioned:

[pclin@roland bin]$ ./bro -r ~/http.trace icmp
../share/bro/conn.bro, line 332: error: unknown identifier
Hot::check_hot, at or near "Hot::check_hot"

Thanks for flagging this. It's a bug, and the upcoming 1.4 release will
include a fix for it (which, weirdly, is to remove the @load of conn.bro
from notice-action-filters.bro).