Bro-Dev mailing list

Hi all,

I wanted to send out a quick note about the public availability of the bro-dev mailing list. As some of you know, this list has existed in some form for a long time but it was by invitation only. The list is being opened to everyone to help introduce new developers into the fold and make visible the development process for Bro.

I'd encourage everyone that is interested in developing scripts with Bro to join this list because beginning next month I'm going to be starting bi-weekly script review periods. On Mondays and Wednesdays for a currently undefined time period I'll be sending my thoughts on a several existing Bro scripts to the mailing list and inviting everyone to give their own comments about the scripts and potentially their associated analyzers. The goal is to have a clean and documented policy script directory for the 1.6 release along with adding lots of interesting detections out of the box! Even if you don't have comments about what you'd like to see scripts do, it could be worthwhile lurking to see the direction that Bro is moving.

One final comment I wanted to make is that the list is kind of high volume at the moment due to our ticket tracker sending activity emails to the list and generally a lot of email activity, so subscriber beware (and prepare to filter!). :slight_smile:

Here's the list interface page:

See you on the bro-dev list!