Bro doctor fails

I had bro doctor working, but then we had an issue/accident in the datacenter and I had to rebuild the manager from scratch. I tried to follow my detailed notes from when I installed it the first time. Now bro doctor isn't working, and I'm trying to figure out why. Any suggestions?

$ sudo ./zeekctl doctor.bro

Warning: ZeekControl plugin uses legacy BroControl API. Use
'import ZeekControl.plugin' instead of 'import BroControl.plugin'

Warning: Plugin 'doctor' not activated because its init() method raised exception: 'plugin doctor lookup of unknown config option bro'
Error: unknown command 'doctor.bro'

ZeekControl Version 1.9-49

Thanks for your help,

gah, looks like I need to change some 'bro's to 'zeek's to work with
master. If you don't mind editing it real quick until I can get a new
release out, I think minimally changing this line:

        self.bro_binary = self.getGlobalOption("bro")


        self.bro_binary = self.getGlobalOption("zeek")

should get things working.


I just pushed v 2.0.0 to github that should work on zeek master as
well as 2.6.x (if not, the older versions are still available)

I also updated the command to now just be 'doctor' instead of
'doctor.bro' - in older versions you had to have a subcommand, but
Daniel fixed that for me shortly after I released the first version.