installation issue with Bro doctor

Hi All,

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Bro installed from Source (from repo updated today)
  • Using pyenv for python virtualenv
  • pip install bro-pkg

(bro3) bro-user@bro:~$ bro-pkg install bro-doctor

The following packages will be INSTALLED:

bro/ncsa/bro-doctor (1.9.0)

Proceed? [Y/n] Y

Skipping unit tests for “bro/ncsa/bro-doctor”: no test_command in metadata

Installing “bro/ncsa/bro-doctor”

Installed “bro/ncsa/bro-doctor” (1.9.0)

(bro3) bro-user@bro:/opt/bro/share$ bro-pkg list

bro/ncsa/bro-doctor (installed: 1.9.0) - A broctl plugin that helps you troubleshoot common problems

(bro3) bro-user@bro:/opt/bro/share$ broctl doctor.bro

Error: unknown command ‘doctor.bro’

BroControl Version 1.7-7

So… I did a find under /opt for doctor.bro or bro-doctor* etc… I didn’t find anything… so I’m sure it’s just pilot error… can someone point out where I went wrong ?



I think you need an initial

   bro-pkg autoconfig

That will cause bro-pkg to figure out where your bro installation is. I think otherwise it installs to your home directory.

Also, there’s a bug in bro-pkg (that should be fixed very soon) that is causing bro-pkg to install an older version of bro-doctor, so for now you’ll want to do

    bro-pkg install bro-doctor --version 1.13.0

To force it to install the latest version.

You need to write the output from that in ~/.bro-pkg/config too. I don't think it automatically puts the config in there.


jazoff@mbp ~ $ bro-pkg autoconfig
Successfully wrote config file to /Users/jazoff/.bro-pkg/config


Ah, that behavior is different than it used to be then. Pretty good to see actually! I like that better than having to write to the file yourself.