BRO issues

Hi all,

Couple of issues in BRO 0.9a11 version:

1. Bro restarts because of an Internal error "Connection Missing". This
error is defined in:
void NetSessions::Remove(Connection* c)
else if ( ! tcp_conns.RemoveEntry(k) )
internal_error(fmt("connection missing"));

Can the internal error be ignored? anyways tcp connection entry is removed.

2. SSL does not seem to work properly for ciphersuites. We see crashes at
different locations (tcp reassembler, tcp connection close etc). Any easy
way to pick up the SSL bug fix patches from Bro 1.2 version? I believe few
SSL bugs are fixed in newer version.


No, not really. I recommend upgrading to either 1.1 or 1.2, which
may fix both of the problems you're seeing. We can't do much about
0.9 anymore, sorry.