bro OMD

Hi everybody ;-]

A few people wanted to get their hands on my bro OMD draft.
I turned my paper version into a more computer friendly form last night.
Unfortunatly, the diagraming program I used is win app ;-[ , so to modify
the omd one needs to have program called Plastic... I never used diagramming tools in Unix (there's UML Argo, but I wonder if there's
something better out there ???). The revised version of OMD will
probably be done with some other tool(Argo, if I like it after I try it...).

Once again, I would like to stress that there's a lot of mistakes
on the diagram draft (especially, when it comes to collections use and
things that I considered dynamic arrays by accident...).

The omd draft is big (even though there's no attributes and behaviors). - big picture of diagram - small picture of diagram - bro omd plastic file - the program I used for draft.