BRO on FreeBSD 5.2.1

I guess a fix is to run bro as root. Any other ideas?

What we generally do is to make the device readable by some group and put
user "bro" in that group. Definitely recommended over running Bro as root!


OK, but the devfs devices are created as...

gumshoe# ls -lt /dev/b*
crw------- 1 bro wheel 23, 1 Sep 24 14:14 /dev/bpf1
crw------- 1 bro wheel 23, 0 Sep 24 14:14 /dev/bpf0

(I changed the owner from root to bro.) If bro is a member of group wheel, bro still can't read the device. I don't know how to control the permissions, owner or group of devfs devices. The devfs(5) man page is useless.