Bro support in PrismJS

Bro support has been added to PrismJS (which is used in Google Polymer). You can try it out at . If you click the circles on the right side of the page, you can see it rendered in different styles. (Copy-paste some Bro code into the box and select “Bro” as the language.)

Also, there’s an Ace online editor with (limited) Bro syntax highlighting. I created it by importing an existing Bro Textmate file. It’s at . It could probably use some manual tweaking (which may happen at some point in the future).


oooh! Ace is what uses. I have it in 'perl' mode which usually is close enough, but more accurate highlighting would be better.. I'll have to see about integrating that.

Cool. I submitted a PR to the Ace project, though it’s possible that the Bro mode for Ace could use some manual tweaking. It’s in the open-nsm Github space, so you should also be able to make changes to it if you want – you’re part of that group.