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I've looked through the mailing list archive but couldn't find a thread for this.

I want to write Bro-Scripts, is there any good IDE / Editor which you could recomend me? Maybe some IDE with syntax highlighting or even a kind of Intellisense (I've written some Java and C++ programs and I liked working with features like this... :slight_smile: )

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I use emacs and installed bro-mode from github here:

It seems to do an OK job on handling Bro syntax.

Someone has also published a Sublime markup addon for Bro. I can't remember who...

Someone has also published a Sublime markup addon for Bro. I can't remember who...

There is a syntax highlighting definition for sublime and vim:

And there has been a discussion on the list:

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I think originally it was Liam, but it looks like it may have had some updates since then and got pulled into the main repo?:


That was created by a former intern at ICSI (Christian Struck) and then little updates by me. That's also the repository that github uses for syntax highlighting fwiw. If anyone finds any highlighting issues it would be great to get patches into that repo to generally improve Bro syntax highlighting on github (and in my editor!).


I’d add that Atom also has a Bro language definition that was converted from Seth’s TextMate bundle:

Atom is pretty solid and has a bro recognition. Free doesn’t hurt, either.


Oh! Speaking of atom… I had written a plugin for linter to parse the bro -a output… Apparently it was completely broken after not being updated for a year, but I just re-wrote it from scratch and published it to the atom package site:

With it installed atom will tell you when you save a bro script that has errors in it.

Install linter and linter-bro through the GUI or just run “apm install linter linter-bro”.

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wow, thank you all for your answers! I will try these editor to see which suits me best!