Broccoli and vectors


I'm implementing an application that sends DNS::Info records via Broccoli to Bro. However, it appears that Broccoli does not fully support vectors. Is this correct? If it does, can somebody point me to an example on how to populate a vector using the Broccoli C API. I searched through the Broccoli docs but could not find anything.


-- Randy

Half of the support for vectors is there since yesterday:

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/topic/jsiwek/broccoli-vectors' · bro/broccoli@756a8a7 · GitHub

However it sounds like you need the opposite: there's no support yet
for producing events with vectors.


Ok, thanks for the quick response.


You’re right, Broccoli does not support sending vectors (though I added support for recv’ing them earlier this week).

A possible workaround for sending vectors via Broccoli may be to send each element individually in an event and have Bro construct the vector on the other side one element at a time.

- Jon

Thanks. I'll try that.