careful w/ myricom plugin switchover on cluster


This is just a heads-up for anyone using the myricom plugin that was shipped with Bro who is getting ready to upgrade and switch to the bro-pkg’d version. This is an upcoming change that Seth mentioned at BroCon.

Long story short, if you’re going to do that, wait just a little bit or let me know and I’ll help with some details. It caused our cluster to be down for several hours while we figured it out and I’d hate for others to have to debug it again.

We think we’ve identified a bug in one of the core distributed cmake files that causes plugins to create a symlink in the installed build environment back to the .bro-pkg directory. The result of this is when you push Bro to the cluster w/ ‘broctl deploy’, the plugin breaks on the workers. We haven’t noticed the issue with anything other than the myricom plugin, but I believe it could impact others.

(Shout out to Sam Oehlert @ ESnet that figured out the make file issue was in the Bro core and not part of the plugin itself!)