CIFS/SMB protocol analyzer

Hi everybody,

 I am new to zeek/bro\. For an internship which will complete a master course I have been attending, I will work with zeek and specifically with the CIFS/SMB analyzer\. After looking at the documentation and the code, it seems to me that the this analyzer \(as available in zeek github master branch\) was written in BinPac language and only the most used protocol commands are implemented\. I could possibly work on extending the current implementation of the protocol\.

Do you have any thoughts/suggestions about this? Is anyone already doing (or planning to do) it?

Best wishes,


Hi Mauro,

the right person to answer this question is probably seth (added directly to cc so it will pop up more prominently for him).


Hi Mauro! Sorry for the late response, I know we've been communicating offlist, but I thought I'd respond here so that others could see too.

I'm not actively working on the SMB analyzer and I don't know of anyone else actively working on it so it's unlikely that you will have any interence with merging your code. I can't wait to find out more about what you're interested in implementing and where you'd like to take the analyzer!