Communication channels

Are there any plans to use another communication platform besides IRC? To the best of my knowledge the IRC channel does not record history, so any new member is unaware of prior chats / discoveries.

Is there a desire in the community to move to something along the lines of Discord or Slack? Granted Slack would come at a premium.

I don’t use the IRC channel but I would lurk in a Zeek Slack channel.


I would also be interested in a slack workspace, even if it’s the free tier.

Jon Zeolla


Great feedback! Thank you all.

What else would be helpful and encourage yours or others participation and contribution.

Please feel free to reach out to me here or via email.

With gratitude,

I would like to add Matrix ( to the list.


Please choose an open standard rather than a walled garden. Someone above suggested Matrix as a possibility.

Agree. While giphy integration is a good time killer, I am far more interested in modern amenities such as threads and history. I presume Matrix would get us there or could be close with some pull requests.

I’ll research some options and ask for the LT to review at the next meeting.

Please continue to add your your thoughts.


After Amber’s talk today at ZeekWeek I thought I’d pitch in some ideas to help build the community.

I think there are a few types of interaction the community has, there may be others:

  • Asking questions
  • Reporting bugs
  • Announcing things

Asking questions - We could use some form of group instant messenger or more of a forum style platform. Group instant messengers include Slack, Discord, Rocket chat, Discourse etc. The key thing is to make barrier to entry low, while I use IRC it’s not exactly user friendly. Forum style platforms include Stackexchange, Discourse etc. – I see these as replacements for the Mailing list which may find difficult to use, search etc.

Reporting bug – I guess we should be using GitHub to report the actual bug but normally you need troubleshoot by asking questions or chatting.

Announcing things – Perhaps some sort of distribution list that you subscribe to? Or perhaps just pinning topics on the forum platform?

From what I’ve looked at so far Discourse looks pretty good and for open source projects you can apply for free hosting:

What do you think? Any more thoughts?



There are feelings within the community that a Slack channel for the community should be ‘owned/run/administered’ outside of Corelight.


That’s certainly a possibility but for an official Zeek tool the Zeek Leadership Team would need to make that decision.

Any new tooling is discussed with Zeek Leadership team. Corelight doesn’t make those decisions. I hope I didn’t lead anyone to think that in my talk today.

The Zeek LT and I just need to be aware of things that bear the official Zeek “title” if you will.

We’d have to figure out who would have oversite and management responsibilities and that’s something I’ll bring up with the LT when we discuss this.