Results of the Slack Poll and Next Steps

Hi all,

I wanted to give you all an update from the slack poll results and say, “THANK YOU” to everyone who took time to participate.

As most of you are aware once the poll started several folks came forward with an alternate suggestions, because of that, there will be a series of presentations on Slack, Matrix, and Discourse. (I’ll go back through the email thread and make sure I haven’t missed another solution.)

We’ll do this in a public video call that will be recorded and shared for those who can’t watch in real time. Then we’ll have one more poll. This is to ensure that everyone has a voice and gets a chance to present their ideas to the community.

We’re working out the date for the public presentations and will post that as soon as possible.

For those who answered "yes’ to question 3 and shared your information on the Slack Poll, I’ll be following up with you all next week.

Thank you so much for patience and input as we work through some new processes and new opportunities to participate.

Below are the results of the Slack only poll:

======Begin Results=========
Slack Poll Results: 92 responses:

Q1: Would you use an Official Zeek Community Slack Channel?
Answers: Skipped: 1
Yes: 73

No: 18
Total: 92

Q2: Would having an Official Zeek Community Slack Channel enable or encourage more Zeek Community participation?

Answers: Skipped: 1
Yes: 75

No: 16
Total: 92

Q3: If an Official Zeek Community Slack channel was made available would you be willing to be an admin for the channel?

Answers: Skipped: 1
Yes: 23

No: 68
Total: 92

Q4: If you answered, yes, to being willing to admin an Official Zeek Community Slack Channel, please give your contact information. Amber Graner, Zeek Community Director will be reaching out.

Answers: Skipped: 68
Answered: 24
Total: 92

======End Results=========

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.