dhcp_host_name field

I need to copy “host_name” output into dhcp.log "dhcp_host_name " below my script please help me


my script

##! Tracks MAC address with hostnames seen in DHCP traffic. They are logged into
##! devices.log.

@load policy/misc/known-devices

module Known;

export {
redef record DHCP::Info += {

The value of the DHCP host name option, if seen.

dhcp_host_name: string &log &optional;

event dhcp_request(c: connection, msg: dhcp_msg, req_addr: addr, serv_addr: addr, host_name: string)

if ( host_name != “” )
if (c?$dhcp)
c$dhcp$dhcp_host_name = host_name;

c$dhcp = info;

#print host_name;
#print c$dhcp$dhcp_host_name;

#print c$dhcp;

Log::write(Known::DEVICES_LOG, [$ts=network_time(), $mac=msg$h_addr, $dhcp_host_name=host_name]);