Do we still need pysubnettree?

From what I can tell, trace-summary and zeekctl are the only things

that use pysubnettree. pytricia seems to have become the de-facto
module that's used for these structures in Python:

In fact, pytricia has a comparison section where it claim that it's
faster (albeit only slightly) than pysubnettree.

Does it still make sense to maintain pysubnettree? pytricia's
interface looks very similar. A quick glance at how we're using
pysubnettree makes me think that pytricia could just be a drop-in
replacement. Are there build/packaging considerations? It looks like
pytricia is LGPL licensed.

On the flip side, I don't see many recent updates on pytricia.
Although, it's straightforward enough, perhaps it doesn't need

Curious to hear thoughts.


No strong opinion either way from my side.

It looks like pytricia does indeed offer a very similar interface, and
being able to stop maintaining a custom dependency would certainly be
a plus. On the other hand, this might be a case of "if it's not
broken, don't fix it". pysubnettree hasn't required a lot of work
recently, and users would need to install a new dependency if we

I don't know what constraints LGPL imposes when applied to Python