Does Bro generate only one event for one network connection?

Dear Bro team,

I have a question about Bro. Does Bro generate only one event for one packet/connection? Or Bro will generate multiple events for one packet/connection?
I have read the paper “Bro: A system for Decting Network Intruder in Real-time.” The example showed Bro did generate a “Finger” event when the connection meet more conditions instead of a TCP_connection event. Is this always true?


It is possible for Bro to generate more than one event.
For example, it is possible for one UDP packet to generate
both "udp_reply" and "udp_contents" events.
Similarly, an HTTP request will cause Bro to generate an
"http_request" event and a "tcp_packet" event.

All of the Bro events are described in the documentation: