Error on startup

I think I caused this problem by trying to change the directory where the spool data is processed.

Changing that back did not correct the problem.

Unable to startup zeek at this time.

[zeek@heimdallr logger]$ zeekctl start

Warning: ZeekControl plugin uses legacy BroControl API. Use

‘import ZeekControl.plugin’ instead of ‘import BroControl.plugin’

starting logger …

Error: logger terminated immediately after starting; check output with “diag”

error in /opt/zeek/share/zeek/base/frameworks/cluster/./setup-connections.zeek, lines 93-95: Failed to listen on INADDR_ANY:47761 (Broker::listen(Broker::default_listen_address, Cluster::self$p, Broker::default_listen_retry))

warning: WriterFrontend cluster/Log::WRITER_ASCII expected 3 fields in write, got 4. Skipping line.

fatal error: errors occurred while initializing

Any ideas appreciated.

Thank you.

This was resolved sidebar.

Listener was holding the process and port.