Errors in the initialization of Zeek

Hi, I was having some issues with Zeek, so I decided to reinstall the 6.0.3 version from source, following the steps defined here, however, when I execute deploy on zeekctl, I get this error message:

Error: zeek terminated immediately after starting; check output with “diag”

The following image contains the output obtained with diag command executed in zeekctl.

I would like to know what is causing this problem and how I could solve it, thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Mayara,

see below stderr.log.
Looks like Zeek cannot read from the given interface: netapp1-eth2.
Is the name correct? Do you have access/permission to read from that interface?

Cheers, John

I made a mistake here :sweat_smile:, I was trying to run deploy on zeekctl only to check if Zeek was working correctly, however, instead of configuring my default interface to make the test I set up Zeek to track an interface related to a mininet instance, which was as not running at the moment. Zeek is running normally, though. Thanks for your help!