ERSPAN / GRE - weird log

Hoping to see if someone has gotten Zeek to work with ERSPAN span sessions.

I am doing ERSPAN from a Cisco Nexus switch to a VMware host. I can see the traffic at the host and do tcpdump captures without any problems.

When attempting to use Zeek (3.0 or 2.6.3) all I get is entries in the weird log for the ERSPAN traffic.

I noticed someone previously posting about it may be a GRE type issue, and that it appears someone modified a source file to get things to work.

Here is the frame/packet header info from the ERSPAN traffic from the Nexus 9k.

As you can see it is type 0x88be

I have used Zeek quite a bit in the past with regular SPAN sessions and TAPs, but having the capability to use ERSPAN would be a great benefit of being able to pull in traffic from many sections of the network without having to worry about the physical device requirements of regular SPAN and TAPS.

I utilize ERSPAN quite a bit with tshark/wireshark for being able to capture just the traffic I care about in a datacenter.

2.6 would definitely not work, but 3.0 has support for this:

What exactly are you getting in the weird.log on 3.0 ?

I added support for ERSPAN type II and III and have it working fine using VMware ERSPAN.

You’re definitely using Zeek 3.0+ right?