Generate New Log using Customized Script


I need help with some script i customized. Basically the script is to log http header. I don’t want to mess the original http log, so i tried to create a new log file to log some field similar with the original http log along with the http header. I tested the script on and was able to execute the script, also I tested the script to analyze live traffic from an interface using "bro -i en0 " command with success. But when i load the script on local.bro and restart bro service, the logger crashed. I’m not sure if the script is the cause or something else is.

on local.bro file i have included @load protocols/http/httpheaders line.
The script is located /usr/src/bro-2.6.1/scripts/base/protocols/http/httpheaders.bro


httpheaders.bro (6 KB)

That all sounds reasonable to me… how exactly was the logger crashing? Were you getting script errors or was it segfaulting?