Getting info records when log events happen, but where the logging script has no specific log event type

In my quest to graph event statistics tied to bro logs I’ve run across a few scripts that seem to break the idiom of logging being a separate event from the rest of the events in a script. A couple examples are capture-loss and tunnels. Both scripts call the LOG function within some other event that doesn’t expose the underlying info record to other scripts as far as I can tell. A lot of my meta-data collection acts on the log events and the data contained within the info records at the time those events are logged. I’m wondering if there is another way to grab that data without modifying the base scripts or if these scripts can be easily made to have a logging event?

Here are a couple examples of things I’d like to be able to do.

  • Increment a counter whenever a new log line is written (useful for troubleshooting upstream log aggregator inputs)
  • Send raw data such as percent_lost per peer to an external time series database (could be useful for seeing loss over time, or identifying problems with load-balancing and filtering of flows).
  • Track number of tunnels seen by tunnel type (knowing how often and when traffic is being tunneled could be interesting)

I also find tracking event counters can be useful for identifying things that are outside the norm, especially in cases where seeing similar trends in a log management system or SEM involves a very expensive query. For example a sudden spike in TCP connection attempts / SYNs that could indicate DOS participation, spikes in the number of DNS ANY queries (probably an open resolver being abused) etc.

Here are a few simplistic examples of some counters I’m already collecting that show how the log event and info record are used (These rely on JA’s statsd plugin and some stats may be borrowed/derived):

DNS Events

event DNS::log_dns(rec: DNS::Info)
statsd_increment(“bro.log.dns”, 1); #Track DNS log volume

if(rec?$rcode && rec$rcode == 3) {statsd_increment(“bro.dns.error.nxdomain”, 1);}

if(rec?$qtype_name && /query/ !in rec$qtype_name)
local s = fmt(“bro.dns.query.type.%s”, rec$qtype_name);
statsd_increment(s, 1);

Notice Events

event Notice::log_notice(rec: Notice::Info)
statsd_increment(“bro.log.notice”, 1); #Track Notice log volume

local s = fmt(“bro.notice.type.%s”, rec$note);
local s2 = sub(s, /::/, “_”); #influxdb doesn’t like :: so replace it with _
statsd_increment(s2, 1);