HELP? bro-pkg hosom/file-extraction to write files when reading pcaps

Wanted to post this to the bro community.

I am trying to use the hosom/file-extraction plugin however I can’t get it to create a directory like ./extracted-files to put them in when I am reading a pcap file. Does anyone in the bro community have any insight on how to do this?

I am using bro 2.5.1 and the current github version of bro.

When you run Bro against a pcap, the easiest thing to do is use the default plugin(s) for file extraction...

The command I use for ad-hoc extraction from pcaps that I am working is:

bro -r foo.pcap ./file-extraction/plugins/extract-all-files.bro

Be careful when using that to read packet captures that are large.