Help with Docker Bro

Hello all,

Has anyone worked with this Docker Bro? I have installed dpisano/docker-bro image and run the image using docker run command. Broctl shows the status of the bro node as crashed. The broctl diag does not give any error indication. ( except - core not found, install gdb for backtrace).
Any poniters on where help can be found on docker bros, maybe any other docker bro image ?


This Docker image looks like it was built before some patches went in to fix some bugs that Zeek had in Alpine. You'll probably have to build your own Docker image, since I'm not aware of one that includes those fixes.

Has anyone used I am also looking at a project that will require a zeek docker image. Wasn’t sure if the blacktop would work well enough, or might be also quite out of date. Any opinions would help.


The blacktop images work very well.

For zeek check