problem with bro in container

When I run my container like so:

docker run -v /data:/data --name bro -it --net=host bro /opt/bro/bin/broctl deploy

it seems to fail immediately. There is no useful information in the logs in spool or current.

When I run it as

docker run -v /data:/data --name bro -it --net=host bro /bin/bash

and start broctl deploy manually, it works fine and my logs are mapped back like they should be. Why is bro bailing like this? I’ve confirmed that /opt/bro/spool is mapped to /data/bro/spool in broctl.cfg, but even when I leave it mapped back to /opt/bro/spool, it still fails to stay up when deployed with

/opt/bro/bin/broctl deploy

Please advise