How remove or redefine a field in a log?

is it possible to remove or redefine an existing field in a log?
For example, if i want to remove only the field

local_orig: bool &log &optional;

in conn.log, how can i do it?
And if i want to redefine it in this way:

local_orig: string &optional &log;



I’m brand new to bro so I apologize if this isn’t a good suggestion…

But as I was reading the documentation, I came across this which might help you with what you need:

It doesn’t redefine an existing field but it allows you to, at least, append to it!

As for removing an existing field, just looking at the example on how to EXTEND logging (which basically adds an element to the Conn::Info array), couldn’t we do something like this?
delete Conn::Info[‘field’]