Infrastructure with Bro and SDN-capable switch

I am a newbie on Bro IDS. I am working on a project in my university.
Goal is to reduce packet drops in IDS by installing a SDN-capable switch which filters and only redirects suspicious content to the IDS, thus reducing workload on the IDS and therefore packet drops.

I started researching on Bro and as far as I understand, it is capable of running in high-speed networks without packet drops.
Therefore my question:
Is it reasonable to do the research project (Bro + SDN switch) or is it very unlikely to have packet drops no matter how much traffic/speed the network is running?

Thank you for your answers,

This is something that people in our community are already starting to do except that it's typically done backwards from what you are describing. All traffic is directed to the IDS until the IDS decides that it doesn't want to see it anymore and then it is "shunted" on the switch (or at other locations).

In my opinion, doing the opposite isn't possible because what is deciding what's suspicious? That sounds like the job of an IDS. :wink: