I'm pretty sure we still have a leak (or overagressive state-keeping)
somewhere, my workers on the blades all went up to 4G of memory within
a few hours this afternoon.

Is that a "know problem" seen elsewhere as well?


I've seen this to a degree but I'm not currently seeing it. It's been a little difficult to figure out with the SSL issues and other problems we've had lately. I'll keep an eye on it where I can though.


I've never gotten better than 2 GB per worker, though all my traffic
has a lot of SSL.

Make sure you update to the commit that Robin just did over the weekend and update all of the submodules.

git pull
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd build
make install

The *real* SSL memory problem fix is finally made in binpac.


Yep, did a new build this morning. I'll keep you posted.