logger in a Zeek's cluster

Hi Zeek’s devs,

I have a beginner’s question on the logger process in a Zeek’s ckuster. As far as I realized, the manager and the proxy processes get only some events from the worker(s) using the cluster/broker frameworks. In this way, the manager can for example receive events necessary for doing intel/notice or sumstats for example. The necessary info are carried by the events.

The logger too does receive only a few events from the other nodes using the cluste/broker frameworks, but not those related to logging. How does it get the logging data from the workers? Could anyone point me where in the code this is done?



Logging doesn't go through events, it's communicated separately over
Broker through dedicated log messages. You can get statistics for that
through the get_broker_state() function [1]. The returned BrokerStats
record has fields num_logs_incoming and num_logs_outgoing.


[1] https://docs.zeek.org/en/latest/scripts/base/bif/stats.bif.zeek.html#id-get_broker_stats