LTS support policy for transition from 3.0 to 4.0

We’re close to releasing the next Zeek LTS version, 4.0 – looks like we should have a first release candidate ready next week.

In that context we’re wondering how to best manage the transition from one LTS track (3.0.x) to the next (4.0.x). Generally, our policy currently states that support for the prior track ends when the new one comes out. However, in order to give people time to upgrade, we would like to provide for some overlap period during which we continue to support 3.0.x as well. We’re thinking to commit to providing updates to 3.0.x for another two months after the release of 4.0.0. We would be interested in any opinions on whether that’s a reasonable amount of time. (The trade-off of course is against the work it takes the development team to maintain multiple versions at the same time; that goes out of the budget for working on new stuff.)

If you have any thoughts, please reply here or in #general on Slack. Whatever we do for the current transition, will then probably become our new standard policy going forward.