Zeek 3.0.0 schedule

Some of us met last week to discuss the timeline for Zeek 3.0.0. This
release will undertake the Big Zeekification(TM), and we’ll need to be
careful to avoid breaking existing setups wherever we can. With that
in mind, this is the current plan:

    - Code freeze on August 5. We’ll do a few days of internal testing
      on git master and then release a public beta version for broader

    - We’re planning for four weeks of testing the beta version and
      will aim to address any issues coming up from the renaming (and
      otherwise) during that time. We’ll make further beta versions
      available during that period as needed.

    - Assuming things go well, we’ll release 3.0.0 in early September.

Zeek 3.0.0 will be our first long-term stable release. According to
the new release schedule, we’ll support it with critical fixes for a
year (see https://blog.zeek.org/2019/04/new-zeek-release-schedule.html).
The next feature release will be 3.1.0, four months after 3.0.0.

The remaining work before the 3.0.0 code freeze is tracked through
this GitHub Project: https://github.com/zeek/zeek/projects/3.

For people comfortable running git master, now would be a good time to
give the current state a try. Please let us know if you run into any
issues, in particular if something in your existing setup breaks due
to the renaming. If you believe it’s something that we can/should fix,
please file a ticket on GitHub. If you have any specific advice for
people on how to adjust aspects of their setups to Zeek 3, please send
a note to this mailing list; we’re working on a HOWTO for user-facing
implications of the renaming and will include any input we receive.

Thanks for helping us test!