Monitor progress and ETA while running bro

Hi, I just wanted to share how I monitor progress and ETA while running bro from a pcap file.

If I have only one pcap I use pipe viewer (the pv command) like this:

pv x.pcap | bro -r -

If I have more than one pcap, e.g. from a big tcpdump run, I merge all of them on the fly using joincap ( ) like this:

joincap *.pcap | pv -s $(du -bc *.pcap | awk ‘/total/{print $1}’) | bro -r -

This way pv print progress and ETA information while bro is running. :slight_smile:

Shameless plug - I wrote joincap specifically for these kind of situations, because mergecap and tcpslice does not handle errors very well.