My reports are not updating

Since I got everything working the system seems to be working fine with little exception. It seems that after several days of being run the reports are not updating. For example, I had reports on the 23rd, 24th, 25th (all on time as per the cron job setup). The 26th came up and created the report, but did not post it to email like it had in the previous 3 days. I manually ran the scripts to runt he report, and it generated a new report, and emailed it out.

Now I have in the files 2 reports from the 26th, nothing from the 27th, 28th, a hand run from the 29th, and the same for today with the other days missing. I looked back into the crontab file and removed teh NICE function from the head of the command to generate reports. Is the NICE function necessary in a Linux system?

We will see what the system does with the report for this evening, and I will update this one as I can figure out what is happening or can't as they case may very well be. If some one else has seen behavior like this please let me know what the fix was if you have managed to find one.


David Caldwell