Release 1.1 - Site Report.


I just upgraded from 1.0 to the new 1.1 version. Since doing so, the
daily site report now does not contain any data. My log files are
still growing and Bro is check pointing successfully at night and
running only one instance.

Is any one else seeing that behavior?


Did you also do a 'make install-brolite'?

That is needed to update some perl modules to deal with rotated file
names for the reports.

Also, in the new 1.1 release the default "brolite" behavior is to only
checkpoint once/week and to enable "rotate-logs" every 24 hrs. However
if you are upgrading from an earlier version, your crontab will not be
modified, so you may want to change your crontab by hand to only
checkpoint once / week.

Weisbrod, Marc wrote: