new Bro CURRENT and STABLE releases (1.0 and 0.9a11)

Bro release 1.0 is now available from:

This branch has become the new CURRENT release. The 0.9 branch (formerly
CURRENT) is now the STABLE release, for which there is also a new release,
0.9a11, available from:

The 1.0 release contains a significant number of new features, protocol
analyzers, and bug fixes, per the appended change log. The 0.9a11 release
contains just a few bug fixes (at the bottom of this message); as a STABLE
branch, from now on 0.9 will only be updated with significant bug fixes.

The old STABLE release, based on the 0.8 branch, remains available at

We do not anticipate making any further changes to it.