new things with Bro

There are now several new things regarding Bro:

  - We're moving Bro's FTP, email & Web presence over to,
    per the addressing on this message and the URLs below.

  - The Bro STABLE release has been updated to release 0.8a85.
    This release will continue to evolve, but mainly only in terms
    of bug fixes (including portability tweaks). Occasionally, when
    a CURRENT version has proven sufficiently stable, it will become
    the new STABLE version.

  - The Bro CURRENT release is starting now from 0.9a1. Changes
    between it & the previous release, 0.8a82, are appended.
    The new STABLE release includes the subset of these changes
    that are bug fixes, per the above. See its CHANGES files
    for details.

STABLE release:

CURRENT release:

- Vern