New nightly builds and Bro build testing

Hello everyone,

as some of you might have noticed, our nightly builds have been broken for
a while. To be more exact since broker was introduced - since this opened
up a few questions on how exactly packaging should be performed.

These problems have now been cleared up and new nightly builds are
available on OBS:

Download URLs:
Package Information:

The new builds now link CAF and Broker statically into Bro - so it is no
longer necessary to fiddle with the or similar.

Builds are now also available for a newer selection of distributions
(again). If your favorite distribution is missing for some reason, let me
know :slight_smile:

If no one discovers any problems with these build I will do new package
builds of Bro 2.6 using the exact same approach. I only did somewhat
limited testing, but on the few distributions I tried everything worked

Note that the name of the project on OBS will change to
network:zeek/zeek-nightly at some point in the future - I will send
another followup email once that happens.