Bro nightly packages for .dev and .rpm based distributions


we are considering to provide packages for a number of different
.deb and .rpm based distributions starting with Bro 2.4, using the
OpenSuse build service.

As a first step, I have created a repository that contains nightly Bro
builds for CentOs, Debian, Fedora, Suse Linux, Scientific Linux,
Univention as well as Ubuntu.

At the moment, Bro is installed into /opt/bro and broctl needs root
permissions to run. Users in the Bro group (which is automatically created


the bro package on the Opensuse Build Service just moved to its final
location in network:bro. So - the obs interface for is now available at and builds for
bro-nightly will be available at
(currently it still is a 404; should hopefully be available within the
next few hours).

The binaries at the old location will no longer be updated.