Notice suppression in beta


I'm still having trouble suppressing SSL notices in 2.2. I have this
code, which should work:

- --- snip ---
const safe_vendor_netblocks = {,, };

function suppress_ssl_notice(n: Notice::Info): bool
    # Vendors
    if (n$dst in safe_vendor_netblocks)
        return T;

    return F;

hook Notice::policy(n: Notice::Info) &priority=5
  if ( n$note == SSL::Invalid_Server_Cert && suppress_ssl_notice(n) )

- --- snip ---

But still I see notices coming through with IPs in the netblocks
listed and with a note for SSL::Invalid_Server_Cert. Shouldn't a break
issued from a hook with a greater priority than the default process
prevent the notice from being logged?

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There’s a priority 10 notice policy hook that configures some actions to take depending on the value of n$note, and by default it adds the logging action (to be performed later).

So either “break”ing from a hook with priority greater than 10 or “delete n$actions[Notice::ACTION_LOG]” from one with lower priority should prevent a notice from being logged. The former would also prevent any email/alarm actions associated with the notice type.

- Jon