Openbsd 4.0 and Bro 1.2x patch

Thought this might be helpful to the people working on getting bro 1.2.x working on the OpenBSD 4.0 platforms.
A big thanks to JP for the help and patience…

Step 1 - copy the attached file into the “bro-1.2.x” directory
Step 2 - patch the source with the attached patch or copy the attached *.cc and *.h files into the “src” directory
Step 3 - run “autoconf-version-number” (example autoconf-2.60) from the “bro-1.2x” directory and then run “./configure --with-your-options”
Step 4 - add this to the end of the line for “LIBS=” in your Makefile in the src directory “-lm”. This fixes the error on Openbsd for “strlcpy vs strcpy”

Let me know if this doesn’t work.

Jake (44.3 KB)