Problem compiling bro 0.4 on RedHat Linux 5.2

I've installed bro (version 0.5a) on linux and on solaris machines
Here follows some feedback about problems I've encountered.

1) the files doc/* are not installed in /usr/local/directory when using
"make install"

2) directory /usr/local/bro should first be created before using "make
install" (otherwise he copy all files to the file /usr/local/bro)

3) on Solaris 2.5.1, yacc doesn't want to compile parse.y
A workaround was to install bison.

If you want to contribute patches for these (or at lesat for 1 & 2),
that would be great. I don't ever formally install bro myself, so
don't have occasion to use or debug these steps.