Question about reporter log entries

There are a couple different entries in the Zeek reporter.log that I’m not sure how to resolve (my Google-fu has failed me on these):

  • {“ts”:“2019-01-07T08:21:04.323061Z”,“level”:“Reporter::ERROR”,“message”:“string with embedded NUL: \u0022\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00\u005cx00NOTIFY\u0022”,“location”:""}
  • {“ts”:“2019-01-07T15:42:30.457678Z”,“level”:“Reporter::ERROR”,“message”:“software/Log::WRITER_ASCII: count value too large for JSON: 10427193035649126500”,“location”:""}

Could someone point me in the right direction on what could be causing these, and how I can resolve the errors?

Thank you!