Reading a table from an external file

I recently saw something online about reading a table from an external file in a bro script. Now that I’m ready to do that, I can’t find any references or code examples. Can anyone provide some links?

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It's the input framework:


This is what I remembered. Thanks, Robin.

Naturally, I can't follow the example. My table will have three fields, all of which are sets. How can I read in sets?


Take a look at the test in
testing/btest/scripts/base/frameworks/input/setseparator.bro, that
reads in a set, using '|' as the element separator. (If you don't set
that explicitly, it's comma instead.)

Btw, the test suite has a bunch of more tests for the input framework,
which can provide inspiration for more involved use cases that aren't
covered elsewhere.


Thanks, Robin.

I don't see the path you mention below on github. How do I find it?


Ignore my previous email. I found it.